Abrorbek Nematov Inatillo Ugli

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Abrorbek Nematov Inatillo Ugli
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Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Academic Lyceum of Westminster International University In Tashkent

Hi. My name is Abrorbek. I am 15 years old boy from Uzbekistan, Middle East. I am a student at the Academic Lyceum of Westminster International University in Tashkent(ALWIUT). I am really passionate about Math and can spend hours solving and learning how to solve interesting questions. Apart from this, I am really interested in chess, reading books, and going to the gym( yes, I am not just a nerd, I am a strong nerd). What about my goals? Well, there are a lot, but I will mention only some of them. Helping people, studying in one of the best universities, becoming a professional in my field, and winning in different tournaments related to both academics and sports.

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