Materials and Flyers

IYMC FlyersFull Information Flyer (2023)
Teacher Information Flyer
Timetable and Deadlines
Registration Costs Flyer
Ambassador Activities
Prizes and Awards
Vision and Values
IYMC PostersPoster V1-1
Poster V1-2
Poster V1-3
Poster V1-4
Poster V1-5
Poster V1-6
Poster V2-1
Poster V2-2
Poster V2-3
Poster V2-4
Poster V2-5
Poster V2-6
Poster V3-1
Poster V3-2
IYMC LogosOfficial IYMC Logo Blue
Official IYMC Logo Black
Official IYMC Logo White
Other DocumentsIYMC Presentation
IYMC Training PPT
IYMC Paperhead

The problems and solutions of previous IYMC rounds are available here: Training Problems