Abu Naser Shah Md. Maruf Ahmed

Official IYMC Ambassador

Abu Naser Shah Md. Maruf Ahmed
Accomplished Ambassador
(Score: 1730)

Sylhet, Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Shahjalal University Of Science And Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

My name is Abu Naser Shah Md. Maruf Ahmed, a mathematics enthusiast who dreams to be a mathematical astronomer and is trying to popularize mathematics among the school, college and university students in Sylhet, Bangladesh. I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in Mathematics at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. I am a gold honor winner of ‘IYMC-2021’ and a silver honor winner of ‘IYMC-2020’. Solving a problem is the best satisfaction for me. Mathematics, Astronomy and Debate are the fields of my interest. I was the president of my college debating club. Currently, I am an organizing secretary of an astronomy club named CAM-SUST. Hope to have a good journey with you all.

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