Abul Kashem

Official IYMC Ambassador

Abul Kashem
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 70)

Sariakandi,bogura, Bangladesh
Sholartair Kutubpur K U Dakhil Madrasah

After joining the teaching profession 30/04/1998, I received administrative training. Then the students of the organization raise the meeting for meeting the gathering, and cater to the people of the area. Then the number of students increased in two years. Then focus on the development of the results. After starting work in its own plan, it is able to achieve 100% results of public examinations from the next year. And in 2001, I got the best institution head and the organization of the best institution and award in the upazila. From that time onwards, I have been elected three times and three times as best as my organization for the year 2019. ? In addition to that, I uploaded content as a "district ambassador" and member of the board of directors by the A2i and ICT4E of Education Ministry of Bangladesh Government in 2016. As the content is good, we have been elected as the best content creator in the year 2015 and have been working responsibly.

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