Ahmed Emara Abdelhamid Elsadaany

Official IYMC Ambassador

Ahmed Emara Abdelhamid Elsadaany
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 400)

Kafr El-sheikh, Egypt
Kafr El-sheikh Stem High School

I am Ahmed Emara Abdelhamid Elsadaany. I work as the academic deputy of Kafr El-sheikh STEM high school. I am eager to work as an ambassador as I always motivate my students to study because. In fact, I am fully convinced that Maths sciences are the key of success in life because they the person to be well-organized in their work and also have good mentality to think of matters well and in a perfect way. I work with the Maths team at school to help students be good and distinguished at Maths. I am also very sociable and have a lot of relationships with a lot of students which makes me able to play an active part in the IYMC team.

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