Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaziz Othman

Official IYMC Ambassador

Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaziz Othman
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 180)

New Cairo, Egypt
Stem High School For Boys, 6th Of October

Ambassadors are one of the most important factors in the transfer and dissemination of knowledge. Therefore, the presence of ambassadors for this competition is important to work on the publication. As an ambassador for this competition there are many activities to do. To find ways that I can motivate other students to apply and participate in the competition. I must also try to reach as many students as possible who are interested in that kind of competitions. IYMC would enhance you understanding of mathematics because it requires more than just the knowledge of the subject. It requires you imagination to come up with unexpected solutions. It is a great training for your problem-solving skills and a great support for your creative workout.

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