Ahmed Saad Sweffi

Official IYMC Ambassador

Ahmed Saad Sweffi
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 180)

Cairo, Egypt
Obour Stem School

Being myself means focusing on the good, smiling, and accepting challenges. Those are the rules that I adapt and believe in. My name is Ahmed Saad Sweffi 17 a high school senior at Obour STEM High School. I have a deep interest in Math. I got Bronze Honor at International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC '2020). and my results made me part of the top 25% of all participants of this year's competition! and Acquired the fourth place kangaroo Math competition. and this is a position eligible for the national filtration of a member of the Kangaroo Mathematics Competition in the National (Egyptian Mathematics Club). If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me at any time.

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