Ahmed Refaie Abd Al Mohimen Ali Yousof

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Ahmed Refaie Abd Al Mohimen Ali Yousof
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Ashmoun, Egypt
Menoufia University, Egypt

Ahmed Refaie Ali, IEEE member received his bachelor’s degree in 2012, then his master’s in 2017, and his doctorate in 2021, specializing in Applied Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University. A. Refaie Ali works now as a Lecturer at Mathematics & Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science, Menoufia University, Egypt. The master's thesis focused on the physical mathematics of fluid motion, while in the doctoral thesis the propagation of electromagnetic waves in different media (e.g. Plasma) was studied with the solution of the wave equation. A. Refaie Ali received many awards, including: 1- Prize of Prof. Dr. Bahaa El Din Helmy Ismail Award for Best Master’ Thesis Granted from the Egyptian Mathematical Society, 2018, Cairo, Egypt. 2-Silver Honor International Youth Math Challenge 2019, United States (USA). 3-Best Scientific paper in CICs Canadian Conference 2019, Cairo, Egypt. 4-OBADA-Prize for distinguished researchers, Egypt 2020. 5- Award of National Committee for Mathematics from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egypt 2021. A. Refaie Ali is now an ambassador for the Egyptian Scientific Research School. A.Refaie Ali is a member of many international mathematics and physics societies. His research themes and interests are: Applied Mathematics, Electromagnetic fields, EM wave propagation, Plasma dynamics, Fluid dynamics, Antennas and EM pulse, Dynamics of MHD non-Newtonian Fluids, Electromagnetic spectrum with radiation’ sources.

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