Alexandra Curea

Official IYMC Ambassador

Alexandra Curea
Accomplished Ambassador
(Score: 1170)

Bucharest, Romania
National Theoretical High School

Hello! My name is Alexandra Curea and I am a high school student from Romania very interested in everything that science represents. Ever since I was little, I was curious about rational, technical thinking and I was inspired to always use it throughout my life. This inclination materialized in a passion for mathematics and physics competitions, myself being competitive by nature. This is how I discovered the IYMC competition 2 years ago. I liked from the beginning the format of the contest and the interesting problems proposed that tested the ability of the participants to think rationally and creatively. After I won the gold medal and the national award for the best participant in Romania last year, I realized that I want to inspire other students to discover the beauty of mathematics and, why not, feel the joy of obtaining an exceptional result in an international competition. This is how I ended up becoming an ambassador for IYMC. My goal is to bring as many participants as possible and I hope to contribute to IYMC becoming one of the most famous and appreciated mathematics competitions in the world.

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