Arpon Krishna Roy

Official IYMC Ambassador

Arpon Krishna Roy
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 190)

Khulna, Bangladesh
Khulna Zilla School

Arpon Krishna Roy, a young maths enthusiast, is currently a 10th-grade student in Khulna Zilla School who has been participating in Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad since 2014 and was the national participant in 2018 and 2021. He has also become a national winner in JUSC National Math Olympiad 2020. Arpon was the champion of the champions in the Biology olympiad segment of the JNI Mega Fest and won the second runners-up prize in the national round of the Bangladesh Biology Olympiad. Besides, participating in the Junior Science Olympiad, Programming Contest, Physics Olympiad, Climate Science Olympiad is also one of his hobbies and he got the honor to participate in the national round in most of these competitions. He is determined to encourage the young generation to participate in math and science competitions for the development of their problem-solving skills.

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