Ayush Aran

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Ayush Aran
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Noida, India
Maa Bhatrti Senior Secondary School

I am Ayush Aran, currently a senior High school student in India. The love for Math has driven me all along the years of early schooling, now aspiring for a research career in applied mathematics. At IYMC, I was placed with “Silver Honour” in 2019 Finals, followed by “Gold Honour” in 2020 Final-round. With IAAC 2020 edition too I got placed with a “Gold Honour”. Of what started as a childhood hobby, Mathematics got absorbed into me, commencing with mental arithmetic system of Abacus where I stood 2nd Runner up at age of 7, in the International event under highest J-category, competing with 56 country participants and graduating its course very next year. Expanding into a wider ring of Mathematics I won few prominent, old established national-category competitions, and then went on to excel in global competitive events and contests like AMC10 & AMC12 of Mathematical Association of America, (Honor Roll Distinction & Certificate of Excellence), University of Waterloo contests of Math (Euclid, Fermat, Hypatia) with Honor Roll Distinction, consecutive Gold Honor at South East Asian Math Olympiad (SEAMO), and also at Math-Kangaroo contest. By standing country rank 1 at both national and international screening rounds of SASMO and IJMO (International Junior Math Olympiad) conducted by International Scholastic Trust (IST-Singapore), I got selected with scholarship as the ONLY Indian student for Young Achievers Leadership Academy residential-camp at Singapore, and subsequently got inducted to International Junior Honor Society (IJHS). Passion for Math continues to motivate me for scaling new and newer environments of competitiveness, beyond school and national boundaries.

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