Bishnu Kumar Shah

Official IYMC Ambassador

Bishnu Kumar Shah
Newcomer Ambassador
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Kathmandu, Nepal
Kamal Netra Chuna Muna School , St.xavier's College

I am a 19-year-old A level graduate from St. Xavier's College , Maitighar . I love volunteering , field works and teaching. My hobbies are swimming , dancing , sketching and I am a movie buff. I'm a ‌friendly person and I love to listen to people and their life stories. I graduated from high school in August 2021. This is my gap year. I am currently teaching at Kamal Netra Chuna Muna School in Old Baneshwor , Kathmandu , Nepal as Math/ Computer Science teacher . I am a math enthusiast and I love encouraging people with similar enthusiasm to participate in such amazing events.

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