Dibakar Roy

Official IYMC Ambassador

Dibakar Roy
Honoured Ambassador
(Score: 2570)

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Maple Leaf International School

I am Dibakar Roy, a student of A2 (A'level) of Maple Leaf International School. I am very much interested in Mathematics and Biology. I have participated in many Mathematics Olympiads and IYMC 2018. Upon participating, I believe IYMC is an outstanding platform to enrich your knowledge of Mathematics. IYMC instills mathematics understanding in such a way that it will be more than helpful in future careers and International Olympiads. I plan to apply to US or Canada for my undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering for Fall 2021 session. I aim to contribute and do research in the field of Neural Engineering soon after my graduation. I am willing to help anyone from anywhere with any mathematical problems of SAT/ IGCSE/ IAL within the bounds of my knowledge. Email me up if you have any questions or need any materials such as worksheets/E-books to enhance your mathematical knowledge.

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