Ekaju George Max

Official IYMC Ambassador

Ekaju George Max
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 100)

Kampala, Uganda
Kyambogo University

I am a born of 22/DEC/2002 to the late Washington Egeng and Emima Lucy Apio, a second born of the seven children. A family that stayed in olupe kaukura village , serere district in the eastern part of Uganda. After my father died in 2012, i was personally left helpless yet i knew that i still needed to continue with my studies. I then decided to go to my uncle and stay with him from where I completed my ordinary high school level in 2017 at sunrise high school. Becoming the best student in my district that year, my uncle was soo impressed by both my performance, personality, confidence and leadership skills, and he took me to St. Mary’s college Lugazi where i did PCM at advanced level . At this time i stayed with him in Kampala and after passing my advanced level very highly, i joined kyambogo university in 2020 where i am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering. My passion is in physics and mathematics. I am committed to whatever I do, being a leader is my daily way o

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