Eman Ellahi

Official IYMC Ambassador

Eman Ellahi
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 260)

Karachi, Pakistan
The City School, PAF Chapter

Assalam u Alikum! This is IYMC’s ambassador, Eman Ellahi from Karachi, Pakistan! Well, I’m really interested in Mathematics because I take it as fun and find it really easy! I suggest you guys to do the same, don’t take it as a burden or despise it! I guarantee you will start loving Mathematics! I encourage you all to please take part in IYMC, challenge yourself by participating! If you have any problem, you can reach out to me by emailing me or DM me on Instagram. Submission form link: https://iymc.info/amb/emaellahi Email: emaellahi@amb.iymc.info Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emanellahivlogs/ Good Luck!

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