Farheen Abdul Samad

Official IYMC Ambassador

Farheen Abdul Samad
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 200)

Karachi, Pakistan
Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan School

This is Farheen Abdul Samad, a high school student. Currently studying in Sultan Mohammad Shah Aga Khan School. I am a Mathematics practitioner and a young enthusiast. I have always been a part of great work such as Java Course, in which I experienced global communication with other students of different Countries.I encourage and motivate emerging talents to unleash their abilities and skills to the entire world. Being an ambassador , I will be able to acquire my goal. Moreover, I am a hard worker with full dedication. I believe that everyone has a potential in themselves, they just need a motivation and encouragement to showcase their capabilities. So, being an ambassador of IYMC which provide you a platform to display your creativity, I will support this initiative and will contribute to this splendid work as much as I can.

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