Filipe Lipster Da Costa Motta Silva

Official IYMC Ambassador

Filipe Lipster Da Costa Motta Silva
Newcomer Ambassador
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São Gonçalo, Brazil
Moscow Institute Of Physics And Tecnology

Living in São Gonçalo / RJ, 18 years old and believes that we can change the scenery of the country with more freedom and youth protagonism. He is currently studying mathematics focused on economic models. He has worked as a monitor for volunteer projects in public schools and also teaches pre-university / military entrance exams, participated in projects that help young Brazilians study abroad (BRAIE). Believes that education is the engine of change, and in believing it has always engaged in young leadership programs such as Students for Freedom, participated in programs such as the Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) and in particular has its interest in Exact studies, where he won medals, such as the Russian International Olympiad for Mathematics and Physics (MIPT) and was also approved in universities outside the country for the prominence in it. Its strength is to take the initiative for change and to admit that only debate does not make the transformation. It dreams of a fairer, freer and more tolerant Brazil.

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