Ibrahim Khalil Afif

Official IYMC Ambassador

Ibrahim Khalil Afif
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 140)

Noakhali, Bangladesh
Noakhali Science And Technology University

Let’s meet Ibrahim Khalil Afif, an enthusiastic student of biology who is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering from Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU). He dreams about to expand the Homo sapiens over the universe in an inhabitable state. In future, he wants to be an astrobiologist and sees the life in the mathematical approach. He believes that the mathematics is the language of nature and it’s the only way to reveal the mysteries of nature. He has mesmerizingly possessive knowledge on astronomy and star-gazing. This implicit young soul wants to merge the both fields of his interests together and to sacrifice himself for the human welfare in the near future. Specifically, in the sector of animal biotechnology, he is preparing himself for contributing in research works. Recently, early of 2019, he was announced as the “Best Undergraduate Biotechnology Student of 2019” for extra-ordinary volunteering works and satisfying results in past undergrad years. He won the grant in National Biotechnology Summer School – 2019 by ensuring the first place among the applicants. Here a short list of his other achievements is presented: 1. 1st Place in Asronomy Olympiad at National Space Carnival (2016). 2. 4th Place in 10th Astro-Olympiad at National Round (2015). 3. 1st Place in 9th Abdu Jabbar Workshop on Astronomy (2016). He is preparing himself for working in the field of mathematical biology and human biotechnology and contribute to the NASA’s astrobiology mission.

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