Karim Adnan Rageh Al-maleki

Official IYMC Ambassador

Karim Adnan Rageh Al-maleki
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 1820)

Latakia, Syrian Arab Republic
Al-kumait Bledi School For High Achievers

Hi, I am Ambassador Karim Al-maleki... My unique passion towards Mathematics has sparkled in me since my childhood, I used to find myself engrossed in solving problems and quite addicted to numbers and what are their relationships to reality! The truth is: Mathematics has captured a special piece inside my heart and has become a part of me and my personality. As a result, I won many awards in many branches of sciences (Math, Physics, Astronomy, Programming, etc...), and led many teams towards universality... So, now, why not heading into another journey? Let's set out together to reveal the mysteries, explore the Mandelbrot Set, search for more universal facts in Pi and discover the hidden truths in prime numbers! Don't hesitate my friend; we have an immense world of knowledge ahead, waiting for us to uncover it together!!

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