Kinlo Ephriam Tangiri

Official IYMC Ambassador

Kinlo Ephriam Tangiri
Accomplished Ambassador
(Score: 1310)

Yaounde, Cameroon
National Advanced School Of Public Works Yaounde (naspw)

My name is Kinlo Ephriam Tangiri. I am from the Northwest Region of Cameroon specifically in Donga-mantum in the Misaje sub-Division. I am a student and also an Author of the book: Basic Mathematics Companion for O-Levels, I also teach Mathematics online through YouTube and other social media platforms (KET Academy). I am also an Open Dreams Preschooler and a member of CAREC which is a research club for CORE AFRICA. I am passionate about improving and contributing positively to the educational system of my beloved country Cameroon. I believe my personal experience has kept me in a position that is going to help many students from Cameroon and possibly other African countries for orientation and guidance in education as a whole.

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