Kuntrapakam Pranavi

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Kuntrapakam Pranavi
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Bangalore, India
Sri Chaitanya Junior College

Hi, there! Thankyou for visiting my page! My name is Pranavi and I'm currently studying class 11 pursuing major in Computer Science. I've been a Math-Science girl since a young age and have always marveled over the fact how math can transform the once tedious into simple solutions. Have you ever noticed some of the longest and difficultingly seeming questions end up with either a zero or a single digit number. So, lets check if my above statement is true!! THINK OF ANY NUMBER DOUBLE IT ADD 9 TO THE RESULT SUBTRACT 3 FROM THE RESULT DIVIDE THE RESULT BY 2 SUBTRACT THE FIRST NUMBER YOU STARTED WITH WHATS THE ANSWER HUH? I'M SURE THAT'S 3 Well, you see!! Math is fun right? The procedure was long, but the answer is just 3! As simple as it Enjoying and Understanding is the Key.

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