Malak Abdelrazeq Khamis Rateb Issa

Official IYMC Ambassador

Malak Abdelrazeq Khamis Rateb Issa
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 20)

Alexandria, Egypt
Sharqia Stem School

My name is Malak Abdelrazeq Khamis Rateb, and I am currently in grade 11 at Sharqia STEM School. I have always been passionate about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), which has led me to participate in various international competitions. Where I had the opportunity to present my research project. This experience allowed me to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills while collaborating with students from around the world. I have also participated in competitions such as IAAC (International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition) and got a bronze medal on the final round classified as one of the top 35% around the world, Kangaroo Math, and Polaris Astronomy. These experiences have further enhanced my knowledge in different areas of STEM and provided me with valuable hands-on experience. And joining many clubs, and teams, and volunteered in many charities such as Sharkya model united nations MUN, and subjects clubs in my school (sharkya math and Mechanics Club, sharkya geology club, sharkya physics club, sharkya English Club, ismaillia dutch club, the international engineering club, and sharkya chemistry club) And volunteered in many charities such as Resala, misr elkheir, and Alexandria Library also participated in many summer programs such as intro2 Astro and medstem powered. I have worked on projects related to renewable energy sources and their impact on the environment. These projects allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical solutions while fostering my curiosity for innovation. In addition to my academic pursuits, I am also passionate about community service. I believe that sharing knowledge is essential for positively impacting society. Therefore, I actively engage in mentoring younger students who are interested in STEM subjects.

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