Maryum Mansha

Official IYMC Ambassador

Maryum Mansha
Newcomer Ambassador
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Islamabad, Pakistan
The City School

Greetings, everyone! Allow me to introduce myself – I am Maryum Mansha from Islamabad, Pakistan. I have recently completed my A levels and (as you may have guessed) my favourite subject is Mathematics. I am no stranger to the world of academics and the thrill of problem-solving. But there's more to me than just numbers! You can find me posting pictures of my adorable puppy, Cosmo, all the time on Instagram. I also like to play the guitar in my free time even though I am not a gifted musician by any means. As the ambassador, I am committed to making math not only fascinating but also a source of joy and accomplishment. I firmly believe that every student possesses the potential to shine in the realm of mathematics, and IYMC provides the perfect platform to showcase your brilliance. So I am excited to bring this opportunity to the attention of as many students as I can reach.

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