Md. Fahim Hossain

Official IYMC Ambassador

Md. Fahim Hossain
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 110)

Chittagong, Bangladesh
Chittagong University Of Engineering & Technology

A boy was born in the last year of the twentieth century, who aims to write a story throughout the twenty-first century. The boy is me and the story is my life journey. I am studying Mechanical Engineering, developing startups, and writing regularly. I am working as a Hult Prize Community Builder for Bangladesh and ensuring successful on-campus programs around the country. I am also serving as IBM ZAmbassador and spreading the Z products and mainframes in Bangladesh. I wrote several articles and co-authored a book. I have achieved a Bronze Award at the Queens’ Commonwealth Essay Competition in 2018. I am entitled as “Open Source Leader” by Common Purpose in 2019. I launched my startup “Farmineers” and became the Champion of Hult Prize 2020 on-campus round. I love to ideate, innovate, and thrive together as a team! I envision a sustainable world where we have engineered an environment-friendly way of life, built enterprises that serve human beings, and read thought-provoking stories!

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