Md. Mehedi Mostafiz Sourav

Official IYMC Ambassador

Md. Mehedi Mostafiz Sourav
Newcomer Ambassador
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Khulna, Bangladesh
Khulna Public College

Hello! My name is MD. Mehedi Mostafiz Sourav, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to apply for the position of IYMC Ambassador. With a passion for mathematics and a deep commitment to fostering a love for the subject in others, I believe I am well-suited to represent and promote the International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) as an ambassador. Mathematics has been a significant part of my life since a young age. I have always been captivated by its logical reasoning and problem-solving nature. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently excelled in math, participating in various competitions and earning recognition for my achievements. These experiences have not only sharpened my mathematical skills but have also instilled in me the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and critical thinking. Beyond my personal accomplishments, I am driven by a desire to inspire and empower young individuals to explore the world of mathematics. I firmly believe that every student has the potential to excel in math, given the right support and guidance. As an IYMC Ambassador, I would be dedicated to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in mathematics education, ensuring that students from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to learn and grow. Moreover, I possess excellent communication skills, which I have honed through various leadership roles and volunteering experiences. I have had the privilege of organizing math workshops, mentoring students, and delivering presentations on math-related topics. These experiences have allowed me to develop a strong ability to connect with people, share knowledge effectively, and inspire others to develop their mathematical abilities. As an IYMC Ambassador, I would be committed to spreading awareness about the competition, engaging with participants, and fostering a sense of community among math enthusiasts. I am eager to contribute my skills, enthusiasm, and dedication to this role, and I am confident that my passion for mathematics and my ability to inspire others would make me an excellent ambassador for the IYMC. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the IYMC community and make a positive impact on the journey of young mathematicians around the world

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