Md. Wali Ullah

Official IYMC Ambassador

Md. Wali Ullah
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 70)

Sirajganj, Bangladesh
Bonwary Lal Govt. High School

I am Md. Wali Ullah from Sirajganj, Bangladesh. My passion lies in the field of mathematics, and I have a keen interest in promoting its importance. With strong networking skills and a pre-finalist standing in the 2022 International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC), I am eager to represent IYMC as an ambassador. I am an active campaigner and engage in various extracurricular activities. These experiences have honed my communication abilities and enabled me to connect with diverse groups of individuals. Through my role as an ambassador, I aim to promote IYMC in my country, reaching out to schools, institutions, and organizations to encourage participation and foster a thriving mathematical community. Contact me: waliu5727@gmail.com

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