Mohamed Saied Fathy

Official IYMC Ambassador

Mohamed Saied Fathy
Newcomer Ambassador
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Ismailia, Egypt
Ismailia Stem High School

I am Mohamed Saied, an Egyptian 16-year-old and highly motivated individual with a passion for STEM subjects and a proven track record of academic and extracurricular achievements in my first two years of high school. In addition to my academic achievements, I have also been actively involved in various scientific clubs and extracurricular activities. I am a silver medalist in the International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC) and placed among the top 7% of all participants worldwide. As an ambassador, I understand the importance of motivation and encouragement in inspiring students to pursue their passion for mathematics. I would leverage my experience to inspire students and encourage them to participate in IYMC. I would share my own journey and the impact that mathematical competitions have had on my life to motivate students to pursue their interests and challenge themselves.

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