Mohamed Awad Hassen Saadoun

Official IYMC Ambassador

Mohamed Awad Hassen Saadoun
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 1040)

Tanta, Egypt
Gharbiya Stem High School

I am Mohamed Awad, a high school STEM student (Grade 11). I am currently studying at Gharbiya STEM High School in Tanta, Egypt. I am interested in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. I have high grades in them. Furthermore, I have completed courses in programming and cybersecurity. Also, learning English is one of my interests. I have prepared for many competitions, such as OPHO, IPHO, and the International Physics Brawl. I have participated in biology and counseling events. I am interested in helping the community, doing volunteer work, teaching students for free, and helping poor people. I have participated in many volunteer projects, such as Reselea STEM. I am interested in studying physics in general in college. I love volunteering to teach the students, tell them my experience and my advice, and discuss different topics about competitions, studying, admissions, their interests, and their dreams. I am an ambassador for the International Youth Math Challenge (IYMC), which is a competition for high school students. I have applied as an ambassador to help you and the other students who are interested in mathematics. I want to tell you and the others that this competition is a chance for you to improve your experience in studying advanced math, develop good study habits, and improve your grades. You can improve your skills in mathematics and get an A by doing a good study plan for math, which will be achieved by completing the competition. You will get a good experience.

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