Muhammad Saad Haroon

Official IYMC Ambassador

Muhammad Saad Haroon
Accomplished Ambassador
(Score: 620)

Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore Grammar School Johar Town - Senior Boys Campus

Hi! My Name is Muhammad Saad Haroon. I'm from Lahore, Pakistan. Im the President of the Mathematics Society here at Lahore Grammar School Johar Town - Senior Boys Branch and being good at Mathematics Runs in my family. I'm currently in A-levels with Subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer science and Further Mathematics For me My Mathematics career started back in 2016 when I participated in my first Ever mathematics Competition. The Satisfaction of solving a perfect mathematical Equation is Parallel to None. i think being the head of the mathematics society this year , i hope to encourage a greater number of students to participate in this online competition as it would be a good way to exercise ones mind as they sit idle at home in this Covid-19 pandemic and to increase my country (Pakistan) representation in this international Competition . i Hope i am selected as an Ambassador

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