Muhammad Aayan Malik

Official IYMC Ambassador

Muhammad Aayan Malik
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 250)

Islamabad, Pakistan
Beaconhouse School System, Margalla Campus, Islamabad

I am a highly competent and committed person, who can be trusted with even the most difficult works and has a range of ability to lead diverse teams in all aspects with exceptional results. I have consistently achieved excellent positions throughout my academic years. I am known by most teachers as a diligent and persistent person, with the ability to interact with people all around him. I have a wide range of experience of attending different competitions ranging from IQ tests to academic subjects like Science and Mathematics, both in and out of school. As an active member of the student body, I have organized many events in school. This experience has improved my leadership and communication skills and gave me the confidence to collaborate with others and work consistently regardless of external pressures. I am always looking for a challenge to take on because for me it is just another opportunity to succeed. This desire compelled me to take Additional Mathematics as an extra subject in Ordinary Levels and then opt for Further Mathematics in Advanced Levels, amidst claims regarding these subjects being ‘too challenging.’ They actually proved to be an invaluable extension to my mathematical knowledge. They helped me achieve both a new level of comprehension and a more radical way of thinking. I am eager to make a positive contribution to the IYMC.

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