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Madurai, India
Madurai Science Forum

Dr.P.S.NAVARAJ Dr. P. S. Navaraj, Principal, Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science, Tirumangalam, Madurai and former Dean (Academic Affairs) and Associate Professor in Yadava College, Madurai has obtained his Bachelors and Master’s degree in Zoology at Madurai Kamaraj Univesity and Madras University respectively. Dr. Navaraj is a Master degree holder in Education from Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar and a doctorate in Zoology from Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. For more than three decades, Dr. Navaraj is actively involved in teaching, research supervison, extension activity and volunteerism. Dr.P.S.Navaraj has put up more than 33 years’ service in Teaching and Research. Starting from teaching in Higher Secondary Class at Margoschis Hr.Sec.School in July 1979, he has proved his innate talent in teaching zoology for the plus two students and thereafter from Nov.1984 in Yadava College, Madurai. In Yadava College he handled undergraduate, post graduate and research degrees and showed his talent in effective teaching. Students admired his way of teaching through audio visual displays. As a perfect communicator, he presented his ideas clearly to the students so that the subject content and its social relevance reach the minds of the students. The periodical updating of his subject knowledge is his strength. Innovative, Inquisitive and Intelligent way of handling classes bear a good result in his classes. Dr.Navaraj knows the pulse of students psyche and hence he develops many tools to take the content in a proper way. Dr. P. S. Navaraj has carved a niche in the field of Research in Water and has published nearly 40 papers in national and international peer reviewed journals. Dr. Navaraj is an active researcher in Environment Toxicology and has come out with solutions for waste water management. Water quality analysis, Water toxicological studies, Fish toxicological studies, Waste water remediation through Nanomaterials, impact of Endocrine disruptive chemicals in water are the subject areas where Dr. Navaraj has successfully conducted research studies. Dr. Navaraj contribution to the World Water Forums since 2003 is noteworthy. As an Outstanding Water Messenger awardee in 3rd World Water Forum, Japan, Dr. Navaraj has drawn the attention of global water researchers, NGOs, administrators and other stake holders. Likewise, Dr. Navaraj contributed valuable inputs in the Fourth and Fifth Water Forums held in Mexico and Turkey respectively. In the Sixth World Water Forum held in France by March 2012, Dr. Navaraj has provided valuable solutions to the existing problems in water management. Dr. Navaraj is one among the two invitees from India for the kick off meeting of 7th world water forum held in Korea by May 2013. Dr. Navaraj has visited US, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Philippines, Netherland, Hungary, France Korea, Belgium, Malaysia and Singapore to present papers in the international platforms. Dr. Navaraj has Professional membership with leading Water institutes/organisations like India Water Forum, National Innovation Foundation, Gender Water Alliance, Global Water Partnership, Water Sanitation Collaborative Council, Geneva, European Toxicological Society, Integrated Zoological Society, China, Solution for Water Forum, Association of Global Ground Water Specialists and a Governing Body member in WES-NET, the leading Water Sanitation project in India. Dr. Navaraj has organised many Science Motivation Programmes, Awareness Programs on Science Topics under the Sponsorship of Ministry of Science and Technology. Govt. of India, University Grants Commission, New Delhi, CSIR, New Delhi, MOES, Govt. of India, NCSTC, DST, Govt. of India. Proud to say that Dr. Navaraj is included in the databases of Science communicator prepared by Dept. of Science and Technology, New Delhi. Dr. Navaraj has successfully organised Fourth International Ground Water Conference in Madurai during Sep 27-30, 2011. As a National Social Service Program Officer, Dr. Navaraj has organised many societal benefitted programmes that pave the way for the Capacity development and Character building of the Students. Dr.P.S.Navaraj is the recipient of many awards including the Best Scholar Award for teaching and research by the State Government of Tamilnadu in 2003. He has authored books of Environmental Science, Invertebrate and Chordate, Lab manual for Biology teachers, Information Guide on Biosciences, and Education in India. He has edited Proceedings of Fourth International Ground Water Conference. He is a reviewer and editor of the reputed national and international Research Journals.

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