Omar Wageeh Elgendy

Official IYMC Ambassador

Omar Wageeh Elgendy
Experienced Ambassador
(Score: 90)

Menof, Egypt
Menofia Stem School

I'm Omar Elgendy. Sixteen years. A student at Al-Monoufia STEM School. From Menouf. My family consists of five people. I love my family and family gatherings. My dream is to be a cardiologist. My ideal is Majdi Yaqoub. I have many hobbies. My favorite hobbies are running and swimming. Interest in my studies. I loved by people and I am a quiet person. I have many friends. I Love walking. I love to laugh a lot. Joking around at work is what I hate most. I Deal with the problems which face me calmly. I love participating in organizing any event. My interests include looking at the stars and thinking about the world we live in. I am also a social person and I love to make a lot of friendships. I also interest in learning programming language.

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