Omenka Ahinyohe Vickeli

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Omenka Ahinyohe Vickeli
Newcomer Ambassador
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Makurdi, Nigeria
Makurdi International Secondary School

My name is Omenka Ahinyohe Vickeli, I am a citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria. Currently I am residing in Makurdi, benue state. I am currently a High school student. I am 15 years I love the sweetness of curiosity that is what makes me to love mathematics because it helps me to express myself. I am an artist that engages in drawings and painting but mathematics for me is a different kind of unique piece of art that is priceless to me. This passion inside of me for mathematics is what I would like to share to the world because its really an exciting feeling looking at each equation and also looking at multiple ways to solve them.It is very important to note that mathematics is more than just a subject, it's more beautiful than that because with mathematics you can predict the future, change the world, know the past, it’s painting but instead of using color you use numbers to produce true beauty which is not noticed by most people but I believe that there are some people who see that beauty that is hidden in mathematics, which means that together with them we can make those who hate mathematics and don’t see the beauty in it, to love mathematics and understand why it is one of the best things to have ever existed. So I call on you all various mathematicians help make this vision visible to the whole world

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