Rihab Rahman

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Rihab Rahman
Newcomer Ambassador
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Dhaka, Bangladesh
Iubat - International University Of Business Agriculture And Technology

I am Rihab Rahman, a student of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IUBAT, Bangladesh. I am so much interested about mathematics and application of it in various IT Security sectors. I have participated in IYMC 2018 and entitled with prefinalist certificate. It an outstanding platform to enlighten knowledge of mathematics and apply that knowledge to solve various problems. Besides this I have also participated in 8th National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad 2016, Bangladesh. Before that I have also participated in some other mathematics contests as well. As a student of CSE department I am so much fond of cyber security, data forensic and cryptography. Currently, I am also doing my research on information security. I am willing to peruse my M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in cyber security sector. I am willing to be a cyber security specialist and work as information and network security consultant.

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