Sagar Uprety

Official IYMC Ambassador

Sagar Uprety
Experienced Ambassador
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Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal
Kathmandu University

Hello everyone, I am Sagar Uprety from Nepal pursuing BSc. Computer Science at Kathmandu University. I was fond of mathematics since early childhood and loved solving maths problems. I believe that mathematics is the language of nature, and the one who truly understands this language can enjoy the real beauty of nature. I remember watching TEDx Talks by Arthur Benjamin on "The magic of Fibonacci numbers" which embarked me the motivation to dive into the field of mathematics. I have participated in multiple maths competition at district and national level and realized the beauty of mathematics. As an ambassador of the IYMC, my ambition is to cultivate maths culture in my university, create student mathematics group and encourage students to take part in the IYMC. Let us all cherish the language of mother earth and be a part of the global mathematics community and grow together.

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