Shankar Dahal

Official IYMC Ambassador

Shankar Dahal
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 130)

Kathmandu, Nepal
Sunshine Secondary School

Hi, my name is Shankar dahal. I live in Nepal in Kathmandu city. I started my school from Samata shikshya niketan school commonly known as bamboo school of Nepal. Later I got scholarship in sunshine secondary school and moved there. I am from lower middle class family. I want to be a theoretical physicist in future. I am very interested in mathematics and physics. I am very curious about how the nature works and how the nature behave and I don’t want to see illusion of nature. I wanted to see reality of how the nature works and how this universe is made. Today is 21st century where everything is science and technology from car designing to the lunch of rocket and the science wont exist without math. Due to development of science and technology human is evolving to take the next step of humanity. There is change in generation due to technology and I also wanted to be that part. I wanted to become greatest theoretical physicist and wanted to be the bridge between today generation and new generation. I wanted to lead the generation in science, innovation and of new ideas. I wanted to create new idea in science and technology. I wanted to discover new logic and new reality of how the universe made in mathematical ways. There is so much left to discover in mathematics and physics that only 4% of our universe is known. We only know drop. We don’t know the ocean of nature. Now we all know that AI is the next big step evolution of science and technology. AI is going to change the whole generation and as a youth I also wanted to participate and be the bridge in the next generation not as a follower but as a leader to lead the society in scientific way. Most people thought of having career and have a family and spend their lives. I don’t want that life. I want to become leader and shape the future and lead the humanity into next step of evolution. People want to have fun of life but life is not all about fun it is exploring the nature in different vision where reality make sense.

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