Thaneesh Babu Krishnasamy

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Thaneesh Babu Krishnasamy
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Doha, Qatar
Doha Modern Indian School

I'm a year 12 student who's interested in way too many things, mathematics being at the top of them. I've always been fond of the intricacies of the subject matter and many of its rather overlooked real life applications. Given the fact that mathematics has been integral in pretty much every ambitious career I've dreamt of, I've strived to excel in this field from day one. From taking part in competitions like IYMC to spending nights advancing my knowledge in calculus, math has driven and shaped me into an astute scholar. But I never had the chance to spread the love of math: I'd like to inspire a few others along the way, and being an IYMC Ambassador is one of such ventures I've gladly undertaken.

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