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Zainab Moqeet
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Lahore, Pakistan
Avalon High

Greetings Everyone! Zainab Moqeet here and I warmly welcome you all to my profile. I am currently a student of A level’s who is diligently struggling to find, finalise and finally pursue a career of her choice (common struggles for an average A level’s student). My relationship with mathematics has been more convoluted than the Trigonometry in Integration; however, that is what taught me to love my fears. By personality, I am quite a social, affable and talkative human and hopefully you’ll never regret contacting me. Mercifully, I have always been a topper student of my batch with several achievements and contributions in myriad fields. Mathematics has taught me to balance every aspect of life with pacific perfection and I would love to inculcate this credential into many of you while simultaneously learning from you all. Steadfast determination while being an imperfect hedonist has got me here and I am utterly obliged to be a part of IYMC.

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