Zakia Sultana

Official IYMC Ambassador

Zakia Sultana
Newcomer Ambassador
(Score: 110)

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Greetings, esteemed minds of the world, this is Zakia and I wonder the world to learn and discover. My journey has been unconventional, as I embarked on the path of homeschooling after bidding farewell to formal education after grade 6. This decision allowed me to unfurl my wings and soar beyond the confines of conventional learning, exploring the boundless horizons of intellectual freedom. Currently, I’m preparing for my A Levels. At the core of my being lies an ardent fascination for the cosmos, making astronomy and astrophysics the guiding stars of my quest for understanding. Peering through the lenses of my imaginary telescopes, I have marvelled at the celestial ballet, humbled by the vastness of the universe and the mysteries it conceals. With each discovery, I find myself entwined in the cosmic dance, where curiosity meets humility in a harmonious embrace. Literature, too, holds a cherished place in my heart, offering solace and inspiration like an oasis in the desert of existence. The power of words to stir emotions and ignite imagination enchants me. Amidst this kaleidoscope of interests, I hold a firm belief in the significance of spreading knowledge, for it is through sharing that we enrich each other's lives and contribute to the collective growth of humanity. My journey may be unique, but it is not one of conceit; rather, it is a voyage of self-discovery laced with humility and a genuine love for learning. As I continue to wander this vast world of learning and wonder, my heart remains open to the wisdom of others, for true knowledge is not a destination but an eternal voyage of enlightenment and consciousness. With confidence and grace, I embrace the path that unfolds before me, welcoming every opportunity to make a positive difference and inspire others to embark on their own odyssey of knowledge.

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